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সর্ব-শেষ হাল-নাগাদ: ৫ জানুয়ারি ২০২৩

সমাপ্ত উন্নয়ন মূলক প্রকল্প সমূহের তালিকা

ক্রমিক প্রকল্পের নাম
NATP-2 (PBRG) Project Completion Report (PCR) (Sub-Project ID-097)

NATP-2 (PBRG) Project Completion Report (PCR) (Sub-Project ID-096)

NATP-2 (PBRG) Project Completion Report (PCR) (Sub-Project ID-098)
NATP-2 (PBRG) Project Completion Report (PCR) (Sub-Project ID-061)
NATP-2 (CRG) Project Completion Report (PCR) (Divisionwise)
NATP-2 CRG (Institutewise)
NATP-2 CRG (Divisionwise)
Agricultural Research Management Information System.
National Agricultural Technology Project (NATP): Phase-1 (BARC Component).
১০ Agricultural Technology Transfer Project (ATTP).
১১ Facilitating the Development and Spread of the Integrated Pest Management Collaborative Research Support Program.
১২ National Agricultural Technology Project (NATP) Preparation Phase.
১৩ Integrated Soil Fertility and Fertilizer Management Project (SSFP).
১৪ Bangladesh Country Almanac (BCA).
১৫ Geographic Distribution of Rural Poverty in Bangladesh.
১৬ PETTRA-Farmers Participatory Research on Integrated Rice-Based Farming for Improved Livelihood for Resource-Poor Farm Households.
১৭ ARMP-Agricultural Research Management Project.